Does Buying Instagram Followers Work?

Social Media has become a huge space where nowadays everything is part of it. Businesses use advertising to make their products available in Instagram or Facebook, different people have the need to gain more followers for personal desires, others are being called as Instagram kings, or queens. Today people measure how good their social media profiles are by the numbers of people that follow them.

It’s a hard task to grow Instagram followers, unless you are an expert in digital marketing and raising brand awareness it’s a piece of cake for you. Either way, many of the Instagram users feel the temptation to pay for growing their fan based and dreaming of becoming a social media celebrity, or growing your business sales.

If you go on and search around the internet you will find that there are plenty of people or websites that require money in exchange of 1000, 2000, or 10k followers.

The question that many ask, if it does work, or not? The answer would be yes and no.

How to buy followers.

Buying followers for your Instagram account is tricky business. You can buy thousands of followers for as cheap as 10$, but probably most of those followers will be bots or inactive accounts which will serve only as numbers at the top of your account, but never engage in your posts or stories.

Use your search engine, press down the keywords and many websites will show up offering 500 followers for 5$, but remember the risk that they will not be real and eventually over the time the number will reduce.

If you want to know more of the false, followers and where or how to buy them click on the link below:

How to grow Instagram followers organically?

Instead of paying in a website somewhere over the internet for buying followers, you can just use pages of freelancers and other local digital marketers who can grow you Instagram account manually over days.

Another way is also to go on and just watch videos on how to, so eventually you will also learn how to do it yourself.

Check this video for how to make 100K followers in 48 hours:

Growing your Instagram followers manually it’s not an easy job since it requires knowledge and patience, that’s why many bloggers go on and buy followers, because they are missing those two elements.

  1. You have to follow similar profiles as yours, which can lead to follow backs, still not always will happen to get follow backs and keep this in mind, don’t get mad.
  2. Secondly you have to use hashtags, it is a must. Hashtags will show your pictures in galleries where the same hashtag is used, so you will attract people with similar interests.
  3. Use captions which are engaging, like: What do you think of this? Etc.
  4. Tag the author of the image, if the image Is taken from another user. This should always be done, because will attract followers from the author.
  5. Use captions like: Tag a friend who can do this/ that. This way people attract their friends in your posts.
  6. Finally, you can use an AD by paying for it and sharing a photo or video via AD to similar profiles as yours, that will boost your followers in hours.

Eventually your numbers will grow and in the same time you will learn how to do it and be an expert yourself.

It is recommended not to buy followers when the ones you will get are only numbers, still the choices are many and you can choose how to grow your fan base in your social media profiles.

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