How Do You Wash a Weighted Blanket?

After weeks or months of cuddling under your weighted blanket, perhaps it has finally come to the time when you really need to step up and wash it.

Calm down. Washing your stress blanket is not as difficult as you thought it should.

Understanding Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets, compared to quilts or any other standard blankets, are padded with materials such as glass or plastic beads for added weight.

A lot of people have started using these blankets as it scientifically promises to reduce stress whilst improving one’s quality of sleep. Such is brought forth by the happy hormones – endorphins and serotonin – released through the sensation of sleeping under a weighted blanket.

Christina Heiser of NBC News in her article “I tried using a weighted blanket to stress less. Here’s what happened” testified that its calming effect is similar to that of being hugged by another.

You can watch more here for more information regarding the positive effects of weighted blankets.

Indeed, many have found comforts in weighted blankets, but many also fear the process of washing one’s stress blanket.


3 Simple Steps to Finally Wash a Weighted Blanket

  1. Prepare your weighted blanket to be washed

Not all weighted blankets are created the same. It is essential that you first check the material composition of your blanket as to whether it has a removable outer layer or none.

Also, grab this opportunity to further inspect your blanket if it has suffered some damages that need to be mended. Remember, fixing them immediately during its early stage increases your stress blanket’s durability over time.

If your blanket has a removable outer layer, gently separate it from the inner weighted blanket by undoing the zipper or the series of straps which enclose the inner layer.

  1. Washing the Outer Cover

This process is relatively simple as it is done similarly to your standard blankets.

The outer cover of the weighted blanket can be washed in a delicate cycle using cold water and an ample amount of detergent.

You might be wondering whether you can combine other washables to your weighted blanket’s outer cover. Yes, you may include towels and the like, provided that there is still an adequate space for them in the washer.

Next, to avoid wrinkles in the cover, it is recommended to tumble dry it in low temperature prior to being hanged.

  1. Washing the Inner Weighted Blanket


Unlike the outer cover, this requires quite the work outside your washing machine.

First, fill a large laundry basin with water.

Next, evenly distribute your soap detergent, preferably something that is mild or delicate. Using too many chemicals on your weighted blanket might cause some damage to its cotton and paddings.

Gently push back your blanket towards the basin repeatedly to get the detergent working. Afterward, drain the water, rinse the blanket, and repeat the process by adding another batch of mild detergent.

Once the blanket has been properly rinsed, allow it to sun-dry.

Don’t forget to visit your blanket every 30 minutes to redistribute its weight. Not doing so will leave with an unevenly weighted blanket.

Once it dries up after following these steps, you may now again reunite with your stress blanket just like the first time you brought it home.

Additional Tip

Using a bathtub instead of a large laundry basin makes washing the inner weighted blanket way easier.

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