How to Buy A Suppressor

If this is your first time to buy a suppressor or silencer or any other item that is of NFA, then this process may be very intimidating to you. But the purpose of this article is to help you get to understand how the NFA process works so you can get with FFL certificate. (As for getting the license, you can fill in the FFL application online.) Probably you may be confused about buying short barrel shotgun or a machine gun online, and you may have been doing lots of research of the same to ensure you follow the right steps.

Fortunately, the process involved for one to possess an NFA item is not complicated. It is the simplest of processes though one may have encountered other information that is conflicting and outdated that may mislead them while diving in the process. There is less paperwork required for one to purchase than even buying a new refrigerator.

Many people still believe in the impression that is mistaken that they are required to have a class 3 license for them to own a silencer. Fortunately, that is not true. If the state one lives in allows them to own silencer legal, then there is no limit for them to buy it. If you have already established that it is legal to own one, here are a few steps that you can follow to guide you in the process.

1. Selecting the silencer

Selecting the right silencer is a decision that is hard for most people. But we have some categories of silencers here that one can choose from. The rimfire, pistol, 5.56MM rifle, 7.62MM rifle. Large bore and the shotgun & specialty.

2. Get the registration code

Once you have chosen the suppressor you want, you will have to wait for sometime for NFA branch to approve it. The wait time is worth it and may vary. Then you will get the serial number and registration code that will be used next.

3. Locate your nearest S.I.D kiosk

You should look for a dealer that is close to you by using the fingerprint icon or the class 3 finder then choose the location you are going to pick it from. Though you may get some dealers that may charge some fee if you use their kiosk to transfer to another dealer.

4. Follow instructions at the kiosk

a Fingerprints; S.I.D Kiosk

b Signature; S.I.D Kiosk, silencer shop mobile app, or website

c Customer profile

Email address

Physical address

Phone number

d Personal information S.I.D Kiosk, Silencer shop mobile app


date of birth



e Photo; Silencer shop mobile app

5. Download the mobile app and take a photo

Once you finish each of those steps above for registration, download the silencer shop mobile app and take a photo of the silencer. The app also allows one to take a convenient selfie photo also that will meet the requirements of ATF.

6. Receive confirmation and wait

When the processes above are completed, there is a confirmation email or text sent. Patiently wait for your suppressor box.

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