How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand As a Gamer?

If you believe the estimates, there are already more than 2 million people of all ages, genders, and nationalities around the world who are addicted to video games, and the number increases year by year. How to develop the hobby and make it an income, as well as use Instagram to build your brand as a gamer, let’s break it down in this article.

Your channel needs a certain game…or not

There is an opinion among those who are just starting to develop in the sphere of video games that it is enough to choose just one game with high ratings to develop a channel. However, the reality is often quite the opposite – if this game is already well known, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of its parses on various channels on the net. In order to attract and interest users in your channel, think about what exclusive idea you can offer, how your presentation differs from the rest, and whether you need an organic Instagram growth service. If you have difficulties with the uniqueness of your channel, try to change the direction and take a novelty game that can spread widely and bring popularity to your channel in the future. Don’t forget that the main fan of your channel should be yourself first of all. This means that being interested in playing games, shooting videos for your channel, communicating with users, and finding new ideas is the most powerful engine of progress and success for your brand on Instagram. The regularity of posting this or that content is also important, as it particularly affects the engagement of your followers.

Recruiting an audience

Observing numerous successful gaming channels, one gets the impression that it is quite simple and easy to develop your account in the direction of video games. In fact, this is not the case at all. If you want to gain Instagram followers as a gamer, get ready to put maximum effort and show diligence and patience. Following the recommendations of successful gaming bloggers, the most important thing in leading a channel is regularity. Shooting videos on a daily basis is more likely to attract subscribers than less regular ones. Try your hand at hosting live events by setting up your camera and producing compelling content for your viewers. In the beginning, you can team up with other streamers or hold various drawings. Such activities will help you to get new viewers, as well as activate the attention of existing viewers. Don’t hesitate to order ads for your channel or agree on mutual PR, learn how to set up targeted advertising not only on Instagram but also on other social networks.

Monetization of the blog

Finally, we have come to the most attractive goal of blogging: earning an income from it. You can make money from your account in several ways (provided, of course, that it is successful and popular). For example, it could be monetization from paid subscriptions or donations from subscribers. Also, a very popular way is the provision of the account as an advertising platform. Such advertising has proven to be the most integrated and effective, so many advertisers are willing to enter into advertising contracts with famous bloggers. What is interesting is that a popular gamer can also earn income from games and additional products for lesser-known players. Such an income system is called “affiliate programs”. The blogger recommends a particular product to his subscribers, inserts a link in the description, and gets a regular profit – a certain percentage from sales of this product.

Additional nuances

Despite all the difficulties of working as a video game blogger – anyone who can’t imagine their life without video games and communication on this topic can do it, i.e. earn money. It is only important to tune in to the upcoming work and take into account important nuances. First of all – the content of your blog. It should be as informative, interesting, original, and regular as possible. The more actively you promote your blog and the game, the more new users will subscribe to your channel. Don’t be afraid of small failures and criticism, it happens even to famous bloggers. Learn to benefit from it and develop, and you will definitely achieve your goals.

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