Where To Park In Adelaide Airport In Summer

Adelaide experiences warm and dry summer with average temperatures. It enjoys low humidity. During this summer, you have to pack light clothing as even at night the temperature remains high. On your arrival at Adelaide airport during your traveling and leisure, you have to choose the best parking spot that will save your time and money because this airport is with a volume of passengers departing and arriving. You will have to consider your period stay as you get your
parking option and also feel welcomed to the friendly motivated team of members who deliver convenience and value to each and every customer for any assistance. The parking options are as follows:
State-of-the-art multi-level car park.
It is a few minutes walk to the check-in and the baggage collection spot. It features direct access to the terminal from level 2 with parking guidelights and parking for persons with disability which are signposted by blue parking guidance light.
This airport parking Adelaide is necessary when you are in a hurry and you want to save your time and money.
At this parking, you will enjoy other amenities that you will like for your airport parking.
This is ideal for short term term parking and the price starts from $4 for up to thirty minutes and $ 37 for ten to twenty-four hours of parking.
There is a sheltered walk away between this car park and check-in making it suitable for those dropping or picking up friends and for those travelling with children.
Long-term car park.
This parking is a ten-minute walk to the terminal and provides a free shuttle service that operates every twenty minutes starting from 4;30 AM to 11; 20 PM.
The car parking is not limited so even when this long term car park becomes full the overflow car park will be opened.
For long term airport parking Adelaide, the price starts at $ 30 a day to $ 102 for a week and additional $ 10 per day after the seven-day period which of course is cheaper than the daily rate in the Terminal Car Park.
This car park is monitored day and night so you will be at rest knowing that your car is in good hands when you are away for a family holiday or a lengthy trip.
Adelaide Valet Parking.
Virgin Air and Qantas provide valet services exclusively for their passengers.
If your travel is on a different airline, you will still enjoy this valet parking provided just five minutes from the airport.
There are plenty of free shuttle buses that will take you directly to the airport terminal giving you a good period of relaxing before your flight.
You will enjoy its amenities and services like carwash, simple car maintenance at your request, adequate detailing and secure undercover parking.
Adelaide parking is trusted to short and long term parking at the airport. We look forward to giving you the best services ever and ensuring your vehicle is safe from the elements and risk of damage.

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