What blinds look best from outside?

Homeowners are not only concerned with how the interior of the house looks, but also the exterior. Much focus is placed on the walling, the type of roofing, and the lawns. And while this is all well and good, a significant item slips between their fingers. The look of your window blinds from the outside. A complete look of your house cements that first impression, and with the windows playing such a huge factor, the external look of your window blinds cannot be compromised.

If this is your current problem, there is one place to get all your window blinds, Five Star Outdoors. Our shop is a one-stop-shop for all your window blind problems. Our options are the best, leaving your windows looking great from inside and outside the house. All you need is that extra word of advice from the experienced and knowledgeable experts at Five Star Outdoors.


No. This is not a typo. The old classic shutters are a great option if you are concerned with how your blinds look from outside. Shutters have a solid and uniform shape that appeals to most, if not all people. Installed by a professional, you can have two different shades on your shutters to ensure that it completes the overall décor or theme. For a proper exterior look, coordination is key, and that’s what shutters offer to you.

To seal the deal, shutters are easy to install and quite affordable across all budgets. They are also sturdy, making them resilient to damages and low maintenance.

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds are perfect for your home due to a number of reasons. One is the uniform look. The grey color presents an elegant and timeless look to your house. Two is their ability to protect a room from outside heat. The blinds reflect off the heat, cooling the house easier on a hot afternoon.

If you are sold on aluminum blinds, we recommend you select the Levolor Riviera 1. The aluminum blinds are available in a number of choices and are easier to maintain than vinyl or drapes.

Vertical blinds

If you have invested heavily in sliding doors, these are the ideal choice for you.

Sliding doors offer a great view of your house. For privacy, you will need an appropriate option that covers the whole space. However, the blinds need to also meet the aesthetic requirement. Vertical blinds are not only practical but are also highly adaptable. You can add a splash of color or keep them a neutral color if that’s the overall look.

Make use of the high-quality materials at Five Star Outdoors for your vertical blinds.


While blinds are a much sought-after addition to any home, it only projects the intended vibe when installed by a professional. Call upon the experts at Five Star Outdoors for the best blinds from both an internal and external perspective.




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