How Can a Certified Access Specialist Help Your Business?

This article is for all the business and property owners who know of the difficulty of being ADA compliant. Also, you can check out this post for additional info about ADA. If you have not yet been served with a lawsuit, then you are one of the lucky ones. What you need to put this unlucky path of problems behind you is to hire a certified access specialist. The professionals from this field are the answer to your problems.

Who exactly is a certified access specialist?

Better known as a CASp, the certified access specialist is a professional who has been trained and certified as an expert in access provisions and regulations for disabled people. This is as designed by the reform legislation, SB 1608, to enhance compliance by businesses and properties to ADA. Its main agenda is to provide equal access and opportunities to people with disabilities in public areas and places of business.

As a business owner, you can hire a CASp to carry out an inspection of your property and recommend appropriate improvements.  

Reasons why you should hire a CASp?

From our analysis of the ADA and also other pertinent documents, we were able to compile a few reasons why you should hire a CASp.

1. Avoiding and minimizing the probabilities of a lawsuit

Lawsuits are being handled daily by proprietors and business owners across the state. The requirements of the ADA don’t only apply to the interior but also to the exterior of your property. This means that a lawsuit can be driven by a party who has never even set foot on your property. A simple dry-by can provide some information to a potential prosecuting lawyer on whether your business or property is ADA compliant.

With a CASp inspection report, you can limit the accusations that the prosecuting party has brought against you. In some cases, with a specialist ADA defense lawyer, it is possible to win the lawsuit by showing that you are up-to-date with all the requirements of the ADA.

2. Inspection and verification of construction materials

After a CASp inspection, there will certain renovations or improvements that the specialist will recommend. Before making any of those improvements, we recommend that the certified access specialist inspect any construction-related work or material that is to be installed on your premises. This should ensure that every penny you spend in terms of ADA compliance is utilized efficiently.

3. Accessibility to all disabled people

With their experience in the industry, a certified access specialist will provide a wider perspective. Disabilities range from one form or another. A CASp broadens your narrow scope and considers how the different aspects of your property may hinder access to the disabled.

4. Certified Access Certificate

After a certified access specialist has carried out their inspection, you will receive a Certificate of Inspection. This will be after you have made the necessary improvements required by the specialist to ensure you are ADA compliant.

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